Print Design

Print media is the core of marketing and design. Whether it’s business cards, pamphlets, company profiles or vehicle branding, it’s still relevant.

Web Design

Having a website is the most important part of marketing a business. Without it, no one can find you. Let us create a website specifically designed for you business, to get you on the map!


Coming up with a relevant marketing strategy for your specific business is not only very important, but can be tricky. Let us help you!

Video Production

Creating Corporate & Social videos to your specification within the industrial, commercial corporate, education & entertainment industry.

SelectMedia is a design, print & marketing media company based in Pretoria. We are experienced and open-minded in what we are passionate about:

FUNCTIONAL, CREATIVE DESIGN. We are working closely with specialists in all relevant fields means that we have no limits. Not only are we unrestricted in the fields we work, but also in innovation. The market is ever-changing and growing, so it is of absolute importance to stay current and on par to be relevant. We make this our mission: To ensure that our clients are always receiving the best there is.

We know that every company is unique and treat each project as such, which means that every client gets our undivided attention and respect. Honestly, Integrity and Loyalty are all very much a part of the SelectMedia Vision, so we never promise more than we can offer or make clients pay for trivial things.

The Process:

STEP 1: Listen & Learn

The first step is getting to know the client. This is important as we have to tailor the brand around the character of the people and the business.The Design Brief is the perfect way to obtain this valuable information: A Short form the client fills out, giving us everything we need to create the perfect image that aligns with your goals.

STEP 2: Planning & Research

Once we’ve got a clear idea of the client’s vision for the brand, we’ll collect all the key elements and features that will make up the Corporate Image and present it in a simple, understandable package for the the client’s perusal. Only after the client signs off on these preliminary designs, we move forward.

STEP3: Design & Implementation

Time to get to work! Based on what we’ve learned up to this stage, we’ll start working on the client’s shiny new branding. Throughout this phase, we’ll be in constant communication with the client to ensure that they are 100 % on board with the creative direction.

STEP 4: Deliver!

The design is complete, so it’s time to launch! Before we deliver anything, we will go through every aspect of the design to ensure that the client is completely satisfied. In the case of a website, it will first be subjected to a usability test.

STEP 5: Support

We don’t abandon our clients. If they need support at any point after the project has been finished, we’re there. We will handle any changes or updates.

Let's give your company the brand it deserves!